Grace Quotes

Ahead of me on a life path we did not choose, Melanie, with her words and collections of others’ words, is an accessible and timely vessel of God’s Word.


I need to remind my heart on a regular basis that grace covers it all-every mistake, every sin,  every need, every. single. thing.

Because if it doesn’t, then it’s not grace at all.

So here are some of my favorite quotes about grace. 

They help me hang on when my heart wants to let go.  They help me hear my Father’s voice when my ears are full of condemnation and guilt.  They help me recognize truth when the hater of my soul fills my head with lies.

grace is a blanket of hope

Every time you fall down, at the bottom of every hole is grace. Grace waits in broken places. Grace waits at the bottom of things. Grace loves you when you are at your darkest worst, and wraps you in the best light. Grace seeps through the broken places and seeps into the lowest places, a balm for wounds.

~Ann Voskamp


The gospel is…

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International Bereaved Mother’s Day: An Open Letter to my Fellow Sisters in Loss

What a way to be recognized…International Bereaved Mothers Day: May 6
Remembering Whose I Am–that’s the desire of my heart.


Dear Mama,

I know that you never-in your wildest imagination-thought that you would need a day set aside for your broken heart and your empty arms.  

Who thinks when they learn a new life is growing inside that this same life might be cut short?  What heart is brave enough to consider the possibility? 

Yet here you are.  

I’m so, so sorry.  

But there are a few things I want you to know.  There are some important truths to remember on this broken road-truths that can help you hold onto hope and finish strong.

You are not a failure.  I don’t care about those silly social media memes that are tossed around like candy from a Mardi Gras float.  You kept your baby or your child as safe as you knew how.  You are not omnipotent nor omniscient.  You did the best you could.  That’s all ANYONE

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Putting the Basket in the Water: Trusting God in the Next Phase of Your Child’s Life

Ah, parenting…

In the Christian faith, Easter is the crescendo of our year.  It’s our Super Bowl.  The day that makes it all worth it.  It’s the time that marks the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The day He burst forth from the tomb and conquered death.  But this past spring, as I sat in church after Easter yet still meditating on those days of old, a thought entered my mind:  It’s over now.  Jesus had been reunited with the Father.  The disciples were on their own.  The Bible gives us an account of what the disciples were thinking and doing after Jesus ascended into heaven, but what was the Lord thinking?  Was he watching over them, wondering, ‘Was it enough?  Did they get it?  Did I teach them everything they needed to know to do this on their own?’  As these thoughts continued to run through my mind…

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how God uses my precious Kentucky mutt to reveal His unfailing love for me

thoughts by anna

If you know me at all you know my dog Piper is my life. I act like a mother with a baby. Whether that be by constantly taking candid pictures of Piper simply existing, informing all my friends (tbh anyone that will listen) of the adorable things Piper does on a daily basis or finding every excuse to bring her up in conversation you could say I am slightly obsessed. She has been my little Princess Pipey for over a year now and I can’t remember my life without her spunky presence. At 19, I had no idea how much attention a 6 week old puppy really needed. I didn’t have money or a clue about how to train a puppy, yet somehow Piper and I made it work. Things have not always been easy, but they have always been SO worth it. I would not trade the memories or…

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A little creepy…

What's Bugging You?

By Arthur V. Evans

One of my favorite non insect arthropod species is a fleet-footed fellow no more that one and a half inches long and has racing stripes down its back. Surrounded by a blur of legs in full stride, the house centipede, Scutigeracoleoptrata, looks more spider and less centipede as it motors up a wall, along a sidewalk, or across the kitchen floor.

House centipedes are probably native to the Mediterranean region and have been accidentally transported to many parts of the world. In Tasmania, they are known as the “domestic quickfoot.” These curious animals are well-established across much of the warmer regions of North America, but have managed to penetrate cooler, less hospitable regions in the north by adapting to life indoors.

Outside, house centipedes are at home in the cool, dark, moist recesses of rocks, trees, and leaf litter. They are equally well suited…

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